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Eons of Apocalypse

Review of the interactive fiction game Andromeda Awakening by Marco Innocenti

Those works of interactive fiction that tackle the deepest themes can only really succeed at leaving the player with a powerful literary experience by embodying the theme in the world model, in the objects and locations.  Although Andromeda Awakening is neither mechanically nor artistically perfect, its use of a very traditional text adventure structure to incarnate deep, myth-laden worldbuilding creates a strong theme that can survive even a bad experience with the game.
Actually, the game weaves many themes.  The sense of apocalyptic doom at the beginning is mingled with what appears to be a conspiracy-theory subplot.  The corrupt government appears to be the agent of apocalypse, as in the television show The X-Files.  However, the plot soon becomes a survival story, abandoning the question of government corruption or conspiracy.  A subtle theme about malevolent, controlling government does creep in during t…