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The Cross and the Cosmos Issue 12 - Tears of the Cat

The second story in the upcoming Issue 12 of The Cross and the Cosmos is “Tears of the Cat” by Jarkko Pylväs. Like Pylväs’s previous story, “The Byzantine Apple” in Issue 9, “Tears of the Cat” is written like a folktale, presenting mythic elements with an oral cadence.

“Tears of the Cat” probably seems less bizarre as it opens than “The Byzantine Apple” does. There is a much clearer frame story in “Tears of the Cat,” which not only helps to give a clearer sense of cohesive narrative by clarifying the change in narrators, but also fits perfectly with the folktale format. The narrative contains sections of near repetition that create natural divisions in the story, which are affirmed by section headings. The transitions from section to section are seamless and feel effortless to the reader, perhaps as effortless as listening to the voice of the wise old storyteller.

That storyteller speaks of the gods of ancient Egypt before they became myths. The mythological figures are portrayed rea…

The Cross and The Cosmos Issue 12 - Swords and Plowshares

Review of the short-story "Swords and Plowshares" by Johanan Rakkav, in Issue 12 of The Cross and the Cosmos, scheduled to be published July 1, 2012

The upcoming 12th issue of The Cross and the Cosmos begins by compressing all of the sweet bits of epic space opera in “Swords and Plowshares” by Johanan Rakkav. The story is fun and fast-paced, but it also stands on a great depth of worldbuilding, complete with lots of Biblical allusions and maybe even political themes. Unfortunately, the story's structural awkwardness made it confusing for me on my first read, and I fear its strong points might be inaccessible to some readers. According the the author's blog, the story is related to an earlier story published in Issue 11 (April 2012), but I've been away from the ezine for a while and have not read that issue.

The plot follows a princess from a planet with a pacifist government as she helps a different, non-pacifist race prepare for war. I can't say I complete…