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Geeks of War

Review of "Hit Points: Gettysburg Generals" by Jacob Lindaman

Last October's 13th issue of The Cross and the Cosmos contains a parody piece with an odd mash-up of genres that works well for an easy-going comedic effect.  Lindaman's short story depicts the Civil War generals Ulysses S. Grant and William T. Sherman in a loosely videogamey rendition of the battle of Gettysburg.  There is very little set-up before the narrative takes the dive into wild hilarity, but the comedy is not exaggerated to the point of awkwardness.  Grant's extreme irreverence and blunt practicality fuels much of the humor, while Sherman plays the comedic duo counterpart.  The premise plays with the MMO convention of respawning after death to touch lightly and good-naturedly on themes of death and salvation.

"Hit Points: Gettysburg Generals" is not so much a parody of any particular fandom or geek interest as of the impulse to play with and make fun of our favorite geek interests. …