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One Reason 'Pixels' is Better Than the Big Movies of 2015

The night before last, my parents and sisters decided to make a pilgrimage to the Red Box machine to do a Family Movie Night, because one of my siblings is leaving town again. The three films up for consideration were Terminator Genisys, Jurassic World, and Pixels -- a comedy film that I had never before heard about. When asked for my vote, I said that I didn't have any particular desire to see either the new Terminator or the new Jurassic Park. When Pixels was described to me as a simple B-list comedy film about the 1980s and videogames and aliens -- starring Adam Sandler -- I admitted that it sounded entertaining.

Discovering that I would rather watch a deliberately cheesy, explicitly nostalgia-driven comedy flick than a thoroughly realized blockbuster speculative-genre film surprised me, somewhat defying my history of being a stone-faced prick. Even as one who has long been onboard with the concept of both storytelling and playing being redemptive methods of participating in t…

Existential Journalism

I was introduced to blogging through a journalism class in community college, where we set up a class blog through Blogger. We posted the opinion articles, as well as a few of the local "hard news" stories that we were assigned. (I posted one article about the college library's door being closed, and the foot traffic re-routed.) This piece about NPR's 2012 update to its ethics handbook is one of my best.

The Truth is Out There, and NPR Wants to Find ItApril 5, 2012