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Listening to Torres and Reading the Bible

Striving to understand the Most Import Thing and to walk in it honestly imprisons the seeker in perpetual disillusionment, likely without the escape of total cynicism. In order to be faithful to the pursuit of truth, you must be willing to believe whatever you have to believe, even if you must accept terrible truths. However, accepting something as the truth necessarily closes the door. Even if you paid a dear price for your truth, even if you had no other choice but to accept the terrible truth without losing your integrity, the act of accepting it as the truth makes it difficult to deal with other things that are outside this sphere of truth. Eventually, the new or external experiences become the new Terrible Thing that you have to choose whether or not to buy into, and the cycle repeats.

“How much truth would you like to buy?”

This question is sung by indie rock artist Mackenzie Scott in her song “The Harshest Light,” penultimate track in her 2015 album Sprinter. Both Torr…